About Taira

I worked as a professional dancer for over 10 years , credits include original cast of ‘We Will Rock You’,The Royal variety Show, Queens Jubilee, Party in the park, working with artists such as Snow Patrol, Brian May, Roger Taylor , Vinnie Jones, Phil Collins, Will Young, Ben Elton & Arlene Philips. I am now a choreographer, teacher & most recently an author of my new book ‘Pocket Guide for Dancers’. 

As a late starter to dance, I went into the dance world as a total rookie. Brought up in Derby with no knowledge of the dance scene, I began my training at 17 . 

Because I had such a small amount of time in the dance world before I started auditioning, I learnt almost everything on the job. It was hard to get information about all the different aspects of the industry which I needed to consider to succeed, such as jobs to help me survive while auditioning, where to look for auditions, agents and how to stay motivated.

Through my constant desire to soak up everything about the industry and a strong belief that this was my only path, I quickly (and quietly) learnt the in’s and out’s of this business. 

However, what I really needed was a book like ‘Pocket Guide For Dancers’ to help me on my journey.

I wrote this book to ensure that other dancers would have access to information that can help them in any stage of their career and for this information to be in one place – one handy little survival guide.

I have witnessed many students not knowing where to go and what to do after their training; many dancers give up on their dream far too soon because of knock backs from the industry and the fear of the unknown. This is a guide to help dancers through those dark days - days of feeling alone, isolated and almost ready to give up.

Please click here to see about my new book, which was released November 8th 2017. 


Taira has created three critically praised half-hour showcase works recently - both playing as part of The Place Resolution! festival. The first entitled “The Soloist". The second was an adaptation of the Academy Award winning “Rainman" & the third ‘Flowers in December’ inspired by the Refugee’s of Syria.

The chosen narratives, both of which had successful film versions, demonstrated Taira’s ambition and ability to create contemporary narrative dance works that captivate modern audiences. 

As well as numerous shorter pieces, Taira has also choreographed a short dance film which premiered in the San Fransisco Dance Film Festival and the Dance on Camera festival in New York. 

Industry reviews have described her work as "explosive", "gripping" & "intensely moving". 

 Taira has also choreographed numerous pantomimes in and around the UK as well as music video’s & theatre productions.

Taira's Hinged Dance Co, with support from the Arts Council England, brought together professional dancers, musicians and theatre practitioners together with new talent from the OC London community in Kings Cross, to create Prisoner 466 www.prisoner466.com, a new contemporary dance work about Mandela's 27 year imprisonment and the international anti-apartheid campaign his imprisonment inspired.

HINGED have most recently appeared in Snow Patrol’s latest release ‘Don’t Give in’. https://youtu.be/JUaVhMjlPZg

Guest Teacher at: 

Pineapple Dance Studios, The Creation Box, Danceworks London, University Of Cumbria, The Creative Academy, Bucks New University, Haringey Shed, Institute of the arts Barcelona,Chichester university.