Each month I will be talking to different dancers to look at how they deal with the everyday challenges of our industry . The dancers will be from a variety of different backgrounds in the hope that you can find a story you can relate to finding support and inspiration in your chosen field.

I will also be talking to dancers who are in the midst their training to look at the challenges they face and how they feel about going into the industry.

My first interview is with Denise Goff. I first met Denise while teaching her at Bucks New University (BNU). Denise came over from Ireland to train & completed three years at BNU, before embarking upon her professional dance career. She knew little about the training that was offered in the UK so when she came across BNU at a university fair she decided to go with them as she got a good feel from the member of staff that was representing the university that day. 

It’s Saturday and I am sitting in Starbucks with my favourite flat white coffee. I haven't seen Denise in a few years so I was excited to meet up with her again. Having not trained at one of the more recognised Conservatories meant her access to agents was somewhat limited. However Denise feels she has not suffered nor has she ever felt this to be a set back as she, through determination and focus, has managed to be and is still as successful in the dance industry.

I have chosen Denise’s story because it is inspirational and demonstrates what can be achieved if you set your mind to it.


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