"explosive", "gripping" & "intensely moving".


The Soloist – ‘The Place’ 

‘The final work of the evening, HINGED’s The Soloist, was without doubt the most complete group performance of my Resolution! experience. Performed by choreographer Taira Foo’s mammoth cast of twelve dancers, this narrative work was attacked with dynamism and crisp precision. Power relationships flit back and forth as the protagonist, a violin player, seemingly conducts the chorus’ every move through the swish of his bow and ripple of his body. The performance was textured, complex, chaotic, pulsing, thrusting, bubbling and explosive…
— Lucy Jarvis

Carly’s Exit – Short Film

‘Carly’s Exit’ is an uplifting and passionate expression of the fight to save a loved one from self-destruction. With original score, setting, and choreographer Taira Foo’s unstoppable energy, ‘Carly’s Exit’ forces colour and light into one of the darkest of subjects - illustrating with immediacy, realism and tenderness the battle for a friend’s life

Beauty & The Beast Pomegranate Theatre

The fast-paced, vibrant choreography was the work of Taira Foo who hails from Chesterfield and was returning to the town for her second panto. If what she produced for this show is anything to go by she will go far with PHA.